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've switched their focus from an elvis impersonator to a karate instructor. ( laughter ) ( applause ). >> jon: you know, in today's fast-paced world, we never really take the time to truly safe ort little thing so i'm going to play that again. >> authorities have switched their focus from the elvis impersonator, to a crawt instructor. ( laughter ). >> jon: that answer to the most ( bleep ) game of "clue" ever. the karate instructor did it with the rice inconsistent breakfast nook. by the way, that elvis impersonator. do not pigeonhole him, media. he does a mean randy travis ♪ on the other hand there's a golden man ♪ and it reminds me of someone ♪ ( laughter ) ( applause ). >> jon: that's his lawyer, and if you like that be sure to look for his new album "cleared ricin suspect." that is paul kevin curtis. i want to reiterate this, he's been completely cleared in this investigation. it turns out the elvis impersonator may have been framed for the crime of sending deadly poison to the president by j. everett dutschke, angry that he was removing his campaign bumper stickers. this is not
. >> we talked to the people down there and they tell us he's an elvis impersonator. his facebook page says he's a self-proclaimed mensa expert. he has a beef with washington. >> and that's typical with the people who send in this mail on a regular basis. there was a case the guy was very critical of the healthcare reform efforts was sending dozens of letters to president obama and caught and doing federal time for doing something similar. whether it's a beef with the president or something they are trying to get attention to, it's easy to catch the guys according to the guys who catch them on a regular basis. >> and he has some very serious psychological issues. but much of that we will find out in the days and weeks ahead. thank you, ed. >> good to see you. >> much more on the ricin attack but now back to fox's rick leventhal and the report on two suspects in the boston marathon bombing. rick, i cut you off. go back to the pictures you were telling me about that you yourself have seen about the two that are persons of interest. >> well, in a nutshell, greta, the law enforcement commu
night, a former elvis impersonator had been arrested for sending letters laced with ricin to a u.s. senator and to president obama. this already strange story changed again today. nbc's andrea mitchell tracking it from our washington bureau again tonight. andrea, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. there are a lot of questions about that ricin investigation. tonight in mississippi, a federal magistrate released paul kevin curtis. tonight prosecutors dropped all charges against him in connection with those letters containing ricin that went to president obama and mississippi senator roger wicker last week. curtis, an occasional elvis impersonator, had been arrested on charges of sending those letters, but investigators say the fbi found no evidence of ricin when they searched his home. he's been in jail since last week. today the fbi also searched a second mississippi location. the tupelo home of an man named j. everett duchky. he's an acquaintance and sometime adversary of curtis. he also says he's innocent. another incident, the defense intelligence agencies say alar
as elvis impersonator. we showed you the tape. they cleared him yesterday saying he may have been framed. trace gallagher live in our west coast newsroom with where the story goes from here. trace? >> and you have to remember, megyn, that all these ricin letters reportedly were signed i am kc and i approve this message. of course, kevin curtis, the elvis impersonator that you mentioned was the first person arrested in this case and now all the charges against kevin curtis have now been dropped. though they may reinstate them, they say, if they get some more evidence. now they are focused on another man, his name is everett dusky. last night for the second time they searched his home in a week. they spent more than eight hours in the home in the woods surrounding the home. he says he is isn't. he doesn't know much more he can take on this thing but dusky and kevin curtis have had this ongoing feud for years over comments that dusky apparently made years ago and kevin curtis says he has no idea why dusky stocks him and hates him to this day. the mississippi judge that you mentioned that go
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top story, all charges against the elvis impersonator accused of sending ricin to president obama are dropped. and authorities are now investigating a taekwondo instructor who was accused of child molestation. won't even bother with the punch line. and the media's struggle to help moat vai the brothers who got their bomb making knowledge from an al-qaeda magazine. and who did "people" magazine name as the world's most beautiful woman? the answer is in the box. >> you us ad that punch line three times. >> twice. >> three. >> the third time didn't air. >> but you are like the poor man's rob schneider. >> doesn't count. i am like the rich man's someone who is not rich. >> well done. >> think about that one. i just wasted you. >> go away. let's with el come our guest. she is so sharp she can mow a lawn with her thoughts. and it is contributor. great magazine. and he knows beautiful pros like i have extra toes. it is true. i have six on every foot. he is the author of the great thofl "sideways." and in peru he is considered a throw pill loy. it is my psychic, bill schulz. an
factories a bank, and some shops. >>> an elvis impersonator from mississippi is free today after authorities say he is not the man who sent ricin-laced letters to president obama. senator roger wicker and a state judge. federal prosecutors dropped the charges against paul kevin curtis but left open the possibility of charging him again if they discover more evidence. curtis says he is innocent. >> when you've been charged with something and you've never heard of ricin or whatever, i thought they said rice. i said i don't even eat rice. >> the fbi is now investigating a second man from mississippi everett dusky who had a falling out with curtis years ago but who says he has nothing to do with sending poisonous mail. we're back with more news for you next hour. i don't eat rice. we're back after the break. very, very excited about that and very proud of that. >>beltway politics from inside the loop. >>we tackle the big issues here in our nation's capital, around the country and around the globe. >>dc columnist and four time emmy winner bill press opens current's morning news block. >>we'll do
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will get there. when things get crazy they get crazier. and elvis impersonator arrested. "dobbs law" next. disappointing economic reports and earnings driving the maetet's lower. a former ceo of the dnc, john allison's eyes this to tell us what it means. the gang of eight makes its pitch for emigration reforms. the secretary of state, chris go back tells us why it is just one big, bad idea. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] a car that can actually see like a human, using sterecopic cameras. ♪ and even stoitself if it h to. ♪ the technology may be hard to imagine. but why you would want it... is not. the 2014 e-class. it doesn't just see the future. it is the futu. would absolutely not have taken a zip line in the jungle. i'm really gd that girl stayed at home. vo: expedia helps 30 million travelers a month find what they're looking for. one traveler at a time. expedia. find yours. [ male announcer ] fr the way the bristles move to the way they clean, once you try an oral-b deep sweep power brush, you'll never go back to a regular manual brush. its three cleaning zones with dynamic power bris
erin? >> we're obviously hoping that will get solved. there's a lot of frustration. he's an elvis impersonator and worried he's not going to get hired due to all of this. >>> our continuous coverage of the bombings continues now in boston. anderson starts now. >>> erin, thanks very much. good evening, everyone. we have breaking news tonight here on many fronts from boston. and in a moment woul meyou'll m man who came face-to-face with the suspect. just imagine what you would have done in his shoes. you go into the backyard, take a look and see this. only not from a chopper, not in black and white, but up close in bloody living color. you'll hear from him ahead. you'll also hear from a watertown man who photographed the fire fight. this shows the two suspects taking aim at police at the end of the chase thursday night. another shows the wrecked police suv down at the bottom right there that a police officer used in a move straight out of an action film putting it in gear, letting the vehicle roll empty to draw fire and give fellow officers a moment to get in better position to take
as a karate enthusiast and elvis impersonator but now the stage is a jail house and mr. curtis is facing serious charges. >> elvis impersonator? yeah. there was sort of a side show aspect to the arrest in this case in mississippi last week which i think helped it drop out of the news. the man who was arrested had this amazing online profile as an entertainer that involved being a country singer as you heard there an elvis impersonator, karate, respect the dragon stuff. also the line that was reportedly printed in those ricin letters, the line i am k.c. and i approve this message is a line this individual used in online postings before. specifically in online postings that sometimes seemed a little nutty or a little paranoid. so the combination of details we had made it seem like however dramatic the initial headlines about somebody sending ricin to the white house and a senator the story might basically be over. then today it was finally a press conference in the case and to the extent there has been any just pure spectator value to the story simply because of its wacky factor the press
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prosecutors dropped charges against another mississippi man, an elvis impersonator named paul kevin curtis. so he has no longer been charged with this. he has claimed his innocence all along. we do know that these two men knew each other and now our affiliate actually spoke we have rhett dutschke this week. he proclaimed his innocence. >> i have nothing to do with those letters the person accused of sending those letters, her defense attorney or his defense attorney said -- steered them in my direction because i was probably an easy target. >> so again, when you hear him talk about his defense attorney, he is talking about paul curtis, the man who was originally thought to be behind these ricin-laced letters. so, again craig, at this hour, no charges have been filed. we are still waiting to learn what he will be charged with, but local officials saying that there is a connection with these ricin-laced letter he s. >> any reaction yet from the white house? >> no reaction from the white house yet. still waiting on that but craig, of course, this comes against the backdrop of the boston bombings.
county judge. curtis happens to be an elvis impersonator. senator wicker hired him a decade ago to work at an event. a lawyer for curtis said he was innocent. officials say none of this was related to the boston bombings this week. >>> still ahead for us on this thursday night, cars swallowed whole during a morning commute. flooding so bad the ground is giving way in some places. a lot of folks are in for a wild one ahead. later the warning today from the f.a.a. the reason for major flight delays starting this weekend at a lot of the best known airports across this country. >>> take a look at the national radar and look at the front cutting north to south and moving to the east. it's a huge weather system stretching from the mexican border all the way into canada, dumping torrents of rain, snow, hail, spawning tornadoes along the way. it's left a lot of damage behind. the chicago area particularly hard-hit. nbc's john yang is in lisle, about 25 miles outside of chicago. john, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. the radar says there is more rain on the way. across the region
from mississippi? they arrested a former elvis impersonator who once performed at an event for the senator. >>> last week we learned 787s will be cleared for takeoff again. the faa approved boeing's plan to fix the battery problem that created a fire risk. >>> we learned last week superstorm sandy actually moved the earth along the east coast. sensors designed to measure such things say the storm's wave action shook the earth's crust as it rearranged the contours of the coastline. we lost major figures last week. pat summerall, among the very best sports casters of all time, also a top flight player in the nfl in his day. and al neuharth died. he created usa today. we had never seen a national newspaper before. we had certainly never seen it in all color. it was instantly branded mcpaper for its simplicity, but it has remained and it survives its creator. al neuharth, dead at 89. >>> meantime, back in boston, it was a great weekend. the city was open again. and in boston that means the sox and the swan boats and little kids visiting the ducklings until it's time to go home.
. elvis impersonator taken in early in the investigation. later we saw those charges placing threats in the mail dropped. he is due in federal court on monday and suggesting that her client may have been framed. authorities have not released how they linked letters to him. he does appear to have personal ties to at leas the three people who were addressed in the letters. >> heather: part of that involved who was in fact a member of menza and very twisted trail. thank you very much. >> eric: on this sunday morning, the world is watching president obama for his next move on syria. this week the white house announced they believe that the syrian regime did deploy chemical weapons on its own people in the use of chemical weapons has been a so-called red line announced by president obama as so-called, quote, game changer. the use of chemical weapons could trigger a is u.s. response. >> a red line for us, we start seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being utilized. >> if you make the tragic mistake of using these weapons, there will be consequences and you will be hel
with ricin to the president, a senator, and a judge. charges were initially filed against elvis impersonator curtis who was later cleared. >> now the boston marathon bombings, sources say the f.b.i. has interviewed the mystery man known as misha who has been blamed for radicalizing the suspect, dzhokhar tsarnaev. they spoke with the man in rhode island and he admits knowing them but says he has not spoken with them in years. authorities continue to question what the suspects had held. lawmakers on the house of representatives interrogation committee say the bombs were too sophisticated to come from internet recipes. the f.b.i. is going over the wiretaps turned over by russian authorities and the main focus is a 2011 phone call between tamerlan and his mother about jihad. >> the coast guard has a coast to coast fundraiser for injured military personnel driving a golf cart across american from petaluma to yorktown, virginia. >> good morning to you, the man who in the of this fundraiser is an electrician with the coast guard and thought, why not test out the technology of a battery-powered golf
't know. and he would sometimes work as an elvis impersonator. the letters that contained a white powder said, quote, no one wanted to listen to me before. what does that mean? so far, nobody is saying. preliminary tests say the white powder is the poison radio ricin. >>> the president didn't mince words today. he called it a shameful day for washington. >> there were no coherent arguments as to why we wouldn't do this. it came down to politics. the worry that that vocal minority of gun owners would come after them in future elections and so they caved to the pressure. and they started looking for an excuse, any excuse for vote no. >> the measure had 54 yes votes but it needed 60 to beat a republican filibuster. five democrats also opposed the plan. both california senators voted in favor. >>> coming up, we'll continue our coverage of the latest on that huge explosion in texas that leveled entire blocks and the danger may not be over yet. >>> boys accused of sexually assaulting a bay area classmate. why the school skies it could not expel them. >> let the field trips begin again. ,, whe
jack said he does suffer from mental problems, bipolar disorder. an elvis impersonator who is well known, and also writings about a conspiracy theory but his brother says he had plenty of enemies who could have seen what he has written, and said i'm kevin curtis and i approve this message, to sent letters to the president and the others. we also talked with his attorney who says there are people out there who say that -- who he says could have been responsible for this. people who live potentially in the same area that he does as well. all of this, after a thorough search by the fbi of his home, turn up no evidence of ricin, either at his home, in his car, or any evidence, shep, he did any internet searches trying to find out how to make ricin. >> shepard: all right. john roberts in atlanta. thanks. they say the case isn't dismissed there. but he is out on bond. more on the breaking story out of mississippi. the man arrested for sending ricin out of jail. officials will have a press conference today. but sources tell fox the fbi looking if this is not a giant frameup. i don't know.
to the president, to other members of congress. the investigation. they had their man, he was an elvis impersonator. he's free, the case dismissed. a lot of unanswered questions. only one man can answer them and he's standing by at cnn right now waiting to be interviewed. when we come back, you'll talk to the man who was known as the ricin letter bomber, now he is free. you'll talk to mr. curtis when we come back. >>> well, this has turned into such a bizarre case. a major turn in the investigation of those ricin laced letters sent to president obama and other officials. the mississippi elvis impersonator arrested now free. and on the air with us live right now. his first on-camera interview, paul curtis says he never even heard of ricin. he thought it was rice they were talking about. he says i don't even eat rice. he's joined by his attorney. thank you to both of you for being here. can you both hear me well? >> yes, sir. >> yes, chris. >> you're good? all right. so let's begin with a big question here. great. as far as we know right now, is there any connection between you and what was done with
special coverage of boston in a moment, but just days after an elvis impersonator was cleared, a new suspect charged with sending poison letters to president obama and other officials. we're going to tell you who he is and what other crimes he is accused of. >>> plus, thousands of runners are taking part in this morning's madrid marathon. why security is even tighter and this is not just because of boston. i have low testosterone. there, i said it. how did i know? well, i didn't really. see, i figured low testosterone would decrease my sex drive... but when i started losing energy and became moody... that's when i had an honest conversation with my doctor. we discussed all the symptoms... then he gave me some blood tests. showed it was low t. that's it. it was a number -- not just me. [ male announcer ] today, men with low t have androgel 1.62% (testosterone gel). the #1 prescribed topical testosterone replacement therapy, increases testosterone when used daily. women and children should avoid contact with application sites. discontinue androgel and call your doctor if you see unexpe
was a elvis impersonator, now it's a martial arts instructor under arrest for trying to send a poisoned letter to president obama. was this a frame job stemming from a personal feud? >> he had quite a disturbing past as well. >>> also, tomorrow's a big day for the royal couple. prince william and catherine, duchess of cambridge, they'll be celebrating their second wedding anniversary. it's already been two years. this morning, a first, as kate appears in a video message to encourage people to support one of her favorite charities. we'll have the latest from london. >>> we'll start here with the crazy round of weather overnight. take a look at this picture, 80 to 100 cars stranded in flood waters in houston. that's just the beginning. ginger zee, our meteorologist, back in the house this morning. good morning. >> reporter: what started all of this was a cold front. it brought severe weather as it dragged across south, texas all of the way to tennessee. a lot of that was hail, and up to golf ball-size hail up to houston. you can see it here, piling up on the stairs. thanks to ktrk, our favorite
. on tuesday, prosecutors dropped charges against their first suspect, an elvis impersonator from corinth, mississippi. now, another suspect is in custody. cristina mutchler has the story. f-b-i agents arrested james tupelo, mississippi home early saturday. dutschke now faces federal charges in connection with ricin-tainted letters sent to president obama, mississippi senator roger wicker, and a county judge. his attorney had no comment on his arrest. one analyst says this investigation is moving faster than usual. >>the speed of this is being driven by how dangerous ricin is." earlier in the week, prosecutors dropped charges against another man, paul kevin curtis. curtis believes he was framed, and identified dutschke as a potential culprit. f-b-i agents searched dutschke's home and former martial arts studio, though it's not clear what they found. when asked this week if he'd ever handled ricin before, dutschke told reporters. >>"no. i wouldn't recognize ricin if i saw it." ennis carlock lives in dutschke's neighborhood, and >>"right now, i'm just glad he's off- out of our neighborhood
another mississippi man. remember the elvis impersonator? they say that man was set up by this man. john roberts live outside of u.s. district court in oxford. i have to tell you, we cover a lot of cases on this show. i find this one rivetting. i can't believe my lying eyes, as the developments occur in this case every day. >> megyn, if you were to write this story, nobody would believe it 'cause there were so many twists and turns. the latest, 41-year-old james everett dutschke, one time republican candidate for state office out of tupelo appearing to answer charges of making stockpiling, and about to use a biological weapon. we were sitting right behind him as he read the charges against him in a long document. we saw him shaking his head a few times. he really couldn't believe what he's been facing because he has been protesting his innocence all the way through this. and the f.b.i. and the u.s. attorney's office after making what appeared to be a big mistake, arresting, charging and having to release a fellow named kevin curtis last week, do believe they have their man this time. the
to fessing up. i don't know what this whole ricin thing is. >> we should have known that an elvis-impersonating, ricin sending guy from mississippi was too good to be true. >> bill: it also may have been a reaction -- remember this happened the day after the boston marathon bombings and first it was rumored that they were connected, and they said they were not reconnected, but they may have overreacted. >> they probably get letters like this all the time and now they decided to look a little bit more closely. i think the elvis impersonator's union is really happy about this, because they were feeling a little under attack. >> bill: i think the elvis impersonator's union is as big that's air traffic controllers. >> elvis is everywhere, man. >> elvis is everywhere. all right. so now there are some republicans in congress who are saying we're going to stick with the sequester, but just carve out an exception for the air traffic controllers. we'll talk about that next. >> announcer: this is the "bill press show." >> if you believe in state's rights but still support the drug war
before the bombings. and the two brothers' plans to return. >>> developing now, the elvis impersonator versus the martial arts instructor. two men accused of threatening the president with poison. did one of them frame the other after feuding for years? they both speak out this morning. >>> ooh. >> breaking overnight, massive fireball. so violent, one eyewitness thought a plane was dropping bombs. seven explosions in a row. so close to that carnival cruise ship, "triumph," being repaired nearby. hundreds of crew members evacuated immediately. >>> she's no angel. the revealing interview with the victoria's secret model, who beat 10,000 other women to be a catalog superstar. what she says now about why the runway was all wrong. >>> oh, sam was panicking because we didn't have any spring flowers out here. and just in the nick of time, they have made it. good morning, everybody. we have a lot to get to, including diane sawyer with a revealing interview with former president bush. what he's saying about a possible race between his brother, jeb, and hillary clinton. >> opens up about his bra
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of events when an elvis impersonator threatened president obama. he just got some great news. that's coming up. >> a twist in the letterings sent to the senator and president obama. charges were dropped against the man arrested last week. announced hours after paul curtis was released from custody. his lawyer says he was framed. they found no he have dense of rice in in his home, and now elvis impersonator is speaking publicly. >> i respect president obama. i love my country and would never do anything to pose a threat to him or any other u.s. official. this past week has been a nightmare for myself and my family. my mother has suffered, as well as my children. i would like to get back to normal. >> so far no new arrests. so did the fbi jump the gun in arresting curtis or were they prudent to move fast even though now the charges are dropped? go to we are back with karl rove. karl, the sequestration, you fly a lot, i fly a lot. a lot of people across the country fly a lot. what's going to happen? >> well, this is not because of the sequestration cuts. let's look at the number
. the sometime elvis impersonator was arrested last wednesday but in a case that gets more bizarre, investigators say the fbi found no evidence of ricin at the home or in curtis' car. >> divine intervention led this amazing beautiful, blue eyed angel to my jail cell. through my daughter and connection with her friend. my daughter has a direct link to jesus. i respect president obama. i love my country. i would never do anything to pose a threat to him or any other u.s. official. >> what are your plans right now? what are your immediate plans? >> i need to find my cow. she got loose when homeland security swarmed in on me when i went to check my mail. >> the dog is safe. we don't know who the real ricin suspect is. we do know authorities have searched the home of the man who allegedly feuded with paul kevin curtis. nbc news capitol hill correspondent kelly o'donnell joins us now. where does the investigation now shift? >> reporter: part of what was fascinating about this is the attorney for the man we just saw who was released said there were things in the letters that were sent that did point to
but charges werertis an elvis impersonator ramed by dutske following a long standing feud. >>> flash flooding causing misery in parts of texas. a storm roared through yesterday dumping 8 inches of rain in some areas. fire crews had to rescue 150 drivers from hwaters. at the height of the more than 120,000 people were left without power. >>> dzhokhar tsarnaev is in a federal prison hospital this evening and we're told he's now not saying much to anybody in law enforcement, not since he was read his miranda rights. key republicans in congress are furious that tsarnaev was given those rights so soon after his capture. they blame attorney general eric holder. take a listen. >> the decision to mirandize him was one the magistrate made and that was totally consistent with the laws that we have. we had a two-day period that we question him under the public safety exception. i think everything was done appropriatel for the attorney general to say they got good can stop the interrogation. this isn't columbo. matter of life and death. i don't know of any case walk that says a
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-- the nonweaponized ricin to senator roger wicker and to a mississippi judge, curtis is an elvis impersonator who recently posted comments online about government conspiracy theories. we also have new information about that oklahoma dentist accused of reusing dirty equipment. nearly 60 people in the tulsa area have now tested positive for hepatitis and hiv. investigators are working to determine if there is a link to the dentist. thousands of his patients were urged to get tested. dr. scott harrington allegedly used dirty needles and rusty equipment and could face criminal charges. >>> rutgers university has reached a settlement with its fired men's basketball coach. mike rice was dismissed after being caught on video doing things like this, hitting, kicking, taunting players with homophobic slurs and the school will pay him $475,000 for the remaining two years on his contract, a quick look at the other headlines. >> thank you, josh. to sam with the weather. >> 5 1/2 inches in chicagoland area. good morning. in just 20 hours northern illinois, good part of the midwest flooding out of river grove
you thought the elvis impersonator judging contest was clean, you are sadly mistaken, my friend. >> that is -- is that an excuse for terrorism is pretty much going to be -- it pretty much ought to be the gold standard for excuses for terrorism. that i didn't feel like the tupelo mississippi elvis impersonator contest was judged correctly. and really if you think about it, when we have -- like these guys in boston -- is there reason going to be anymore justified than that? these losers backward baseball cap wearing a-holes who watch too much stuff online? >> stephanie: for the first weekend ever, my internet viewing did not include kittens. back a doodle ricin man. his family says he's mentally ill. really? >> wow! >> stephanie: my favorite post is where you stir up more [ bleep ] from the original [ bleep ] you stirred up on my show the last time. you talked about yesterday the rude pundit was on "the stephanie miller show," couple of weeks ago discussing a piece he wrote where he says if you oppose smaij you're a -- same-sex marriage, you're a bigot. you're intolerant and a big
're also searching his computers. curtis is a sometimes elvis impersonator.who family members say suffers from bipolar disorder. through his lawyer - curtis has denied sending the letters.which led to evacuations last week. the letters were intercepted and no one was hurt. the lawyer has suggested in court that an enemy may have framed curtis. >> pam: former new york state representative anthony weiner has returned to the forum that led to his political downfall in 2011 -- launching a new twitter account. weiner's new twitter account is fueling speculation that he may be planning a run for new york city mayor. weiner stepped down from his office in congress in june 2011 after he was caught sending lewd photos and messages to multiple women through social media. 'you have to see it to >> jacqueline: we hit 91 of the napa to that same thing for several rows of oakland same thing and not 90 with 88 degrees. he was 82 in downtown sever cisco satellite ryder picture shows clear skies of the bay area bay area. visibility sharply reduce with clear skies everywhere else it will stay it will stay
doctor. lou: we are back with our counselors. now turning to the ricin case now that elvis impersonators no longer a suspect after his name has been broadcast across the world? >> it was a huge mistake. they spent one week he was incarcerated went to his house to find no trace is that it takes to make this this, no evidence of the materials they sees computers. they made a tremendous mimistake that the greatness of our system is they figured that out and if midget. >> they had probable cause to search for the rest of bin in half. lou: is the a rich man now does he have a lawsuit greece but? >> he does. absolutely it was a high-profile case stemming vacated your door and it tousing you try to kill the president of united states and a judge. a manager in the emotional and mental trauma i'm trying to kill the president? >> keep your day job. >> the you know the government will say we would not reckless we had probable cause and they will shield them so. >> the we need to follow the rules if you take this story and piggyback with the boston story ww need to be a nation of laws. lou: i could
curtis, an elvis impersonator from mississippi. today, curtis walked free, the charges against him dropped, after authorities found no trace of ricin in his car or home. and his lawyers say, he was framed. >>> now on to wall street, and if you were watching the markets today, you saw it. just after 1:00 p.m., a massive nose dive all because of one tweet from a trusted source. the associated press. it said there was an explosion at the white house and president obama was injured. but the tweet was false. the work of disruptive hackers. abc's new chief business and economics correspondent rebecca jarvis explains how it all unfolded. >> reporter: it was the tweet that sent stocks plunging. at 1:07 p.m., breaking news from the associated press, "two explosions in the white house and barack obama is injured." >> stocks higher this afternoon, recovering after a false report of a bombing at the white house. >> hack account on an a.p. twitter feed. >> reporter: the news was false. a hacker's hoax. but before the a.p. or the president's press secretary could clear things up -- >> i can say
in their house but nothing related to these letters. >> reporter: he knew this man, kevin curtis, the elvis impersonator the fbi taken into custody earlier this week. no incriminating evidence was found and he was cleared after a harrowing experience. >> overwhelming to say the least. >> reporter: curtis's attorney se he was framed. these types of cases aren't easy to crack. it took the fbi seven years to solve the 2001 anthrax letters case and 17 years to catch the un na bomber. many of his bombs were mailed. >> evidence is evidence. when you are limited as to what you have, it limits your ability to move forward in a speedy fashion. >> reporter: a white house official says they will continue processing mail in a separation location away from the house. does ki appears in court on monday charged with processing developing and stock piling a biological weapon. >> reena, thank you. >>> now to that stunning find in new york city we first reported last night here on "world news." a piece of one of the planes that hit the twin towers on 9/11 found in an alley in downtown manhattan wedged betwee
to elvis impersonator paul kevin curtis, the man initially arrested for sending the letters. curtis also denied being involved and suggested dutschke might have set him up. he was held six days before terrorism charges were dropped and he was released. >> what did i think? i had never heard of ricin. i thought they said rice and i said i don't eat rice. i said here's the key to my home. you can go in and search. there's no rice. they said you know what we're talking about. they were very angry. it's like they knew they had the right guy. >> reporter: the men reportedly had a tangled relationship. the arrest of one and then the other experts say doesn't reflect well on law enforcement. >> no one is more embarrassed and sorry than the fbi and u.s. attorneys office when something happens like this. they don't want it to happen. they regret it. they are only after the real person responsible. >> reporter: prior to today's arrest, dutschke was out on bond on charges of child molestation, which he's pleaded not guilty. if convicted in this case, he could face life in prison. janet shamlian, nb
an elvis impersonator named curtis but were dropped tuesday. >> i would like to move on with me life and find out what normal is again. >> reporter: curtis claims he had been framed and blamed dutschke. the fbi would not say what they found but dutschke is charged with developing, producing and possessing a biological agent or toxin for use as a weapon. he faces life in prison if convicted. ines ferre for cbs news, new york. >>> the fbi has wrapped up its search on a landfill related to the boston marathon bombing. it is near the university of massachusetts dartmouth where the suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev was a student. the investigator won't say if they recovered anything. meantime, we're learning the suspects' mother was added to a federal terrorism data base along with her older son 18 months before the attack. an officials say russian authorities secretly recorded a conversation in 2011 in which one of the suspects discussed jihad with his mother. >>> new york city officials will begin searching for human remains next week two blocks from the world trade sent. it come after yesterda
an elvis impersonator, curtis. >>> 15,000 furloughed air traffic controllers are going back to work tomorrow. lawmakers voted to end the furloughs forced a week ago by the spending cuts known as the sequester. and congress did it just in time to catch their own flights out of town for a spring vacation. the bill allows the faa to use up to $350 million for airport improvement funds. >>> well, seeing new light after losing face on a bloody battlefield. >> when you finally get to the real issue of facing those issues, it's like a rebirth. >> the techniques some veterans haunted so badly from images of war are using to help put life back in focus. >>> can it be that this man is so handsome, he was deported from his own country? the threats he posed. >>> we have a good-looking forecast for you. good evening, from the kpix 5 weather center. today was warmer than yesterday, but not as warm as it will be tomorrow. the full forecast, as the news continues right here on kpix 5 news. ,, ,,,,,, ,,,, from the middle east -- or they've >>> posttraumatic stress disorder is a silent war among vete
clashed with in the past. charges were initially filed against an elvis impersonator named paul kevin curtis but were dropped tuesday. after investigators said they had discovered new information. >> i would like to move on with my life and find out what normal is again. >> reporter: curtis claims he had been framed and blamed dutschke. the fbi would not say what they found but dutschke is charged with developing, producing and possessing a biological agent or toxin for use as a weapon. namely ricin. he faces life in prison if convicted. ines ferre for cbs news, new york. >>> dutschke and curtis the former suspect, did know each other. cowardice claims he uncovered a plot to sell body parts on the black market and talked with dutschke about writing a book together about it. but he says they had a falling out. >>> and education motion and fire on a boat in san francisco bay forced four men to hang off the bow for their lives. police say the men were fishing off candlestick point when the boat began taking on water. the explosion happened when they tried to restart the motor. another bo
in the week prosecutors dropped charges against an initial suspect. paul kevin curtis an elvis impersonator. >> thank you very much. >> i love it. that is great. >> thank you, honey and maintained innocent from the beginning. >> when they came to me and i was arrested, it happened really fast, like a scene out of a movie. they didn't explain anything. they just kept saying you know what you have done. don't move. don't resist. in court monday curtis' lawyer says he was framed and pointed investigators to dutschke. >> back in 2007 dutschke ran a politicalled race and one of the ricin letters went to the mother, the judge. >> the way the story goes she just asked him to make a public apology for making disparaging remarks against one of her sons and the family in general. >> reporter: dutschke took to the cameras this week before his arrest. >> the people that actually know me know i don't have anything to do with this and quite frankly the people that don't know this is just crazy. >> reporter: dutschke's attorney confirmed that the rest, but had no comment when asked by reporters. ka
an arrest came this weekend. someone else was the target of that investigation early on, an elvis impersonator named kevin curtis. he was arrested and later released. and his lawyer claims that the new suspect actually tried to frame the impersonator because of a personal rivalry. >>> overseas in bangladesh, two arrests. we've learned that special military forces have captured the man who owned the factory that collapsed. nearly 400 people died. abc's muhammad lila, again tonight. >> reporter: deep underneath this rubble, beyond the sight of cameras, a fire was raging. set off by rescuers, using torches to cut through twisted metal. after five days of pulling survivors out of the wreckage, rescuers had to stop. the setback came as the country's most-wanted man, the fugitive factory owner, mohammed sohel rana, is finally behind bars. an elite commando unit captured him along the border, trying to escape into neighboring india. the worst building collapse in the country's history. as coffins line hospital hallways, the death toll is now staggering. more than 375 dead. hundreds more
was arrested over the weekend. charges were initially filed against elvis impersonator kevin curtis. the two men have a long-standing feud. >>> air travel expected to be near normal today as air traffic controllers return to regular shifts. there were long delays last week after the faa forced the controllers to take unpaid days due -- unpaid days off, rather, due to the sequester budget cuts. but a deal was worked out late last week on capitol hill to give the agency more flexibility. >>> and the mayor of charlotte, north carolina, anthony foxx, is expected to become the next secretary of transportation. he's expected to be nominated today. he will replace ray lahood. foxx has been major since 2009. >>> and supreme court justice steven breyer is recovering from surgery following a bicycle accident. breyer injured his right shoulder in a fall over the weekend near the korean war veterans memorial. on the national mall. he broke his collarbone in 2011 in an accident. >>> now overseas to bangladesh, where the owner of an illegally constructed building that collapsed last wednesday was arrested
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